Random Thoughts

Brick walls bring me solace,

Enclosed spaces bring me comfort,

Lifeless living brings me alive,

The touch of cold ice makes me feel

Words uttered feel like freshly fired bullets,

The touch of your skin feels like a burning sensation, causing anything but a pleasurable sensation,

When individuals have the strength to break you down, day by day, minute by minute,

Second by second..

You realise you are powerless to the power someone’s being has on you,

Thus, taking the being out of living, will give me a greater sense of living,

It’s either that or I take the living out of being.



As I stood looking out through the glass,

Into the moving traffic,

The commotion of the crowd,

All I could hear was my heart beating,

This moving traffic, was suddenly motionless,

The commotion of the crowd fell on silent ears,

As I tried to move, I was glued to the ground,

Paralyzed in that moment,

The one that had made all things come to an abrupt halt,

As I tried, tried, tried again, to move,

I couldn’t,

All I could feel was the sensation of droplets falling down from the river in my eyes,

In that moment,

When time did not exist,

When the world outside was not real,

The realization of how much pain I had within my soul,

Pain buried so deep, that it became an organ within my body,

This organ, had now reached the point of no return,

It had deteriorated into small pieces, which ran through my blood stream,

Infecting, harming and hurting me,

And as I stood looking out through the glass,

I realised that in that moment, I stood not as a whole person,

But someone who was broken from within,

Someone who was responsible for the little pieces that now made up who they were,

Someone who now stood still, paralysed by a pain, which was no longer curable,

Sentenced to life, within her own body cell.

(c) Red Velvet



Return my sparkle

You see the smile,

I feel its pain,

And the accused stands there,

Being guilty of everything but giving me the love I needed,

Sentencing me to a life of imprisonment within my own jail cell,

As each day passes,

I feel as if I was the guilty one,

Giving you what I didn't want to,

Letting you break down that barrier, behind which I stood,

Little did I know,

That you weren't the person that was going to save me from falling,

But you were the car whose headlights flashed so brightly in my eyes,

Leaving nothing but tears crashing in to my soul,

Stealing each breath of mine while I lay there,

I suddenly became a statistic that day,

She who loved, she who lost, she who felt each part of her heart breaking,

As though it was physically possible,

The illusion of an happy ending, was all that it remained,

An illusion,

This made so many like her live life in its utmost delusion,

When you give your heart away once,

The owner of the sparkle in your eyes then belongs to someone else,

And when they leave, they take that sparkle with them,

That is why you only need to look into the eyes of an individual,

And you will be able to see just how much they have loved and more importantly just how much They have lost in life,

For that's why we all walk without seeing,

Sometimes the truth you see in someone's eyes,

Is more than you could have ever expected,

So frighteningly honest and bare,

And one day, when you're looking at your reflection,

You may not even know whose eyes you're looking into.

(c)Red Velvet

Published by Forward Press


want to see someone with their guard down, see them with a loved one

want to see the realness of a person, see them being real wit a loved one

want to see someone at their weakest, see them watching a loved one cry

want to see someone at their happiest, watch them having a family dinner

want to see someone in their saddest element, watch them after they have just received bad news

want to see someone when they are helpless, watch them pray for the ones they have lost

want to see someone desperate for an solution, watch them cry whilst praying,

want to see someone pretending to be someone they are not, watch them with others

want to see some1 for who they really are, watch them when they are alone

We all see people someone, acting in a certain way, saying things in a partiular way,

But we never see the truth of what they are doing,

we can be whoever we want to be, however if you really want to see someone for who they are,

you need not to judge

you need not to assume

you need to give them a chance

you need to know them

You need to watch them in their purest form

For life has many impurities, it gets difficult to understand what is pure and what is impure within a person

See someone in their purest form and then you know that you have seen this person in their realest form


Ankhon say ous nay khey diya.
Aur hum nay dil say sun liye.
Mainay dil key dhadkhan ko awaz banadey
Ous nay khano say sun liye.

Aur ankhon say ous nay phir say khaha,
Manay phir se dill say suna,
Aur ankhon say assoo bahaiii

Itna pyar tha mujhe say,
Muhjse raha nahin gaya
Only in birth are we real,

Only in happiness are we free,

Only in sadness are we tears,

Only in tragedy are we broken,

Only in love are we naked,

Only in pain are we hidden,

Only in life, are we a fire of emotions,


..Only in death are we human..